Young Plants Grünewald

We have an extensive assortment from multiple breeders. Young Plants Grünewald is specialized in rooting bedding plants and balcony plants.

Show garden

Young Plants Grünewald is domiciled in ‘s-Gravenzande. The company has over 8.5 acres of greenhouse, of which more than 3 acres is reserved for the picking and rooting of the cuttings. The remaining acres are used for storing, conditioning and hardening off. During the season, you will get a good idea of our assortment in the spacious show garden alongside our greenhouse.

1.400 varieties

Our standard assortment consists of about 1.400 varieties. Besides these, we root over another thousand sorts, annually. We focus mainly on bedding plants and balcony plants, but customers also know where to reach us for the rooting of herbs and perennials.

“Annually we root approximately 2.400 different sorts.“


“I started in 1995 as an intern. Since 2008 I am co-owner of the company. I mainly focus on production related affairs, such as managing staff and overseeing cultivation. I am also responsible for the assortment and our mother plants.”

Nico Boers, owner


“I started working here in 2009. Since 2019 I am co-owner of Jonge Planten Grünewald. I am mostly found in the office. I am responsible for purchasing, planning, deliveries and sales.”

Dennis van Staalduinen, owner


“Billing, management of debtor records and accounts payable, personnel administration and tax declarations, are all my responsibility.”

Sonja Boers, finance administration


“For most customers, I am the first point of contact. I answer the phone and take care of order processing and order administration.”

Elselien van der Wel, order administration


“I am responsible for sales to Dutch customers, focusing on customers from Westland. Furthermore,  as a production consultant, I also provide customers with any desired production support.”

Mart Zwinkels, sales and production consultant

At Young Plants Grünewald we always keep these four core values in mind with everything we do: Honesty, Reliability, flexibility and customer-orientation.