From cutting to plant

At Young Plants Grünewald we strictly work with vegetative multiplied materials. Therefore, we need to have mother plants for all our varieties. In the course of time we have established a strong network of mother plant locations. The mother plant locations we do business with are situated in Spain, Portugal, Israel, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. All of these countries supply cuttings of the best quality and operate in a manner that fits our vision.

We take you along in this process

‘We take great care of the young plants’

Mother Plant Locations

Around May/June we visit the sample fields of our various breeders. After this we decide on the assortment we will include in our catalog. The Elite-material is sent to the various mother plant locations. There, the mother plants for the upcoming season are grown with the utmost care and passion.

Nearly all year round -from September till June- the cuttings are harvested and packed at the mother plant locations. By means of conditioned transport the cuttings will make their way towards ‘s-Gravenzande.

Rooting process

Upon arrival the cuttings will go into cold storage. After sorting, the cuttings are placed in paper plugs by hand. These paper plugs are made by our own machines. Next, the rooting process can commence in the greenhouse. In what we call the nursery, we take care of the young plants with lots of love, and we make sure they receive sufficient water and heat. After two to three weeks, the first roots will appear. The wrapping may be removed and the young plant will be allowed to grow another two more weeks approximately.

One week before delivering the young plants to the customer, we select the plants meticulously. We sort them according to height or thickness. If desired, we can, for example, also top or trim the cuttings. The young plants are ready for departure. We have done our part and now they are set off into the world.

At Young Plants Grünewald we always keep these four core values in mind with everything we do: Honesty, Reliability, flexibility and customer-orientation.