Grünewald Young Plants
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Young Plants Grünewald is specialized in rooting bedding plants and balcony plants. We have an extensive assortment from multiple breeders. Explore our online catalog to discover the versatile assortment we can supply.

Extensive assortment

Each year our assortment is composed with the greatest care. We don’t cultivate ourselves, and we only allow plants in our collection that deserve the ‘Grünewald label’. Is your favorite plant not in our catalog? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to see whether the desired variety can be added to our assortment.

Dutch and foreign market

Our plants are distributed to small and medium-sized nurseries in the Netherlands and Europe. Given our experience of many years in this sector as well as our flexible approach, we are a reliable and professional partner. We are happy to apply our knowledge and experience in order to provide you with proper and honest advise.

A deal is a deal

We at Young Plants Grünewald care for open communication. We are in close touch with our customers and we feel it’s important to get to know one another. If unforeseen problems occur, we will face them head-on. Together, we will always try to find an acceptable solution for you.

‘A reliable and professional partner for years and years’

From cutting to plant

Phase 1

At Young plants Grünewald we strictly work with vegetative multiplied materials. Therefore, we need to have mother plants for all our varieties. In the course of time we have established a strong network of mother plant locations.

Phase 2

The mother plant locations we do business with are situated in Spain, Portugal, Israel, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. All of these countries supply cuttings of the best quality and operate in a manner that fits our vision.

Phase 6

Upon arrival the cuttings will go into cold storage. After sorting, the cuttings are placed in paper plugs by hand. These paper plugs are made by our own machines. Next, the rooting process can commence in the greenhouse. In what we call the nursery, we take care of the young plants with lots of love, and we make sure they receive sufficient water and heat.

Phase 12

 The young plants are ready for departure. We have done our part and now they are set off into the world.


Dutch growers can contact us directly in order to discuss a supply agreement. In countries outside of the Netherlands we use professional agencies. The responsible agent is happy to assist you in your own language. Now that’s a comforting thought!

At Young Plants Grünewald we always keep these four core values in mind with everything we do: Honesty, Reliability, flexibility and customer-orientation.